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Our customers ask us many questions when seeking divorce assistance, when it comes to filing for divorce and Legal Separation, and some are pretty random. Here is a selection of some rarely asked questions that you might find interesting when filing for divorce in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles or anywhere in California.


Q: My spouse and I filed for a legal separation in your office in Woodland Hills. We never switched to a divorce. The paperwork was approved a couple of years ago. We have now reconciled. We know we are still married, but we would like to also somehow erase the legal separation and no longer be legally separated, so we can file taxes jointly, etc.
A: Congratulations! Usually the question is about converting a separation into a divorce as opposed to reconciliation. But always good to hear about people resolving their differences! You are correct, you are still married; we can file a Motion to Vacate Judgment of Legal Separation and you’ll be back to the situation pre-filing.
Interestingly enough, when filing a motion to set aside the judgment, though there are two sets of grounds that must be used, depending on whether the motion is filed within the 6-month period following finalization or after the 6-month period. Since we are within the 6-month period in this case, the grounds needed to set aside the judgment are Mistake, Surprise/Inadvertence or Excusable Neglect. The post 6-month period grounds are more intense (like duress, coercion, fraud, etc.)
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