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We continue our series about unusual questions regarding Divorces and Legal Separation with a question about recovering personal possessions left behind during a divorce. We hope you will find this interesting when filing for divorce in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles or anywhere in California.


Q: Hello, I filed a divorce case in your Woodland Hills office and I forgot to ask you: how can I recover personal possessions that my wife has kept – nothing super-expensive, just personal belongings that have a high personal value. I already wrote a notarized letter demanding restitution, to no avail. What else can I do?
A: This is sort of tricky, with the personal belongings. I assume you have already moved out and things are not amicable, otherwise you could choose and pick up the items. There is nothing specific to file, other than having those items be part of what you receive in the Marital Settlement Agreement or judgment from the judge. But if you are worried about your wife using the items or the items being sold or removed before the dissolution is finalized, then you could file a restraining order (or ex parte action) to try to have them held somewhere else or given back to you pending the outcome of the dissolution. But I would hope there would be a way to just work with her to recover those items, if there is no dispute that they are yours and have no real monetary value.
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