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Our customers often seek divorce help, when it comes to filing for divorce. In this article you will find the top five reasons we are a better choice when filing for divorce in Los Angles or anywhere in California.

We Are Divorce Filing Specialists

We are experienced paralegals and legal document assistants. We know what we are doing when it comes to assisting you in filing divorce papers. Over the years we have completed literally hundreds of divorces and legal separations. LegalZoom has phone operators that don’t necessarily have the experience or training needed.

We Prepare All Your Divorce Papers

We prepare all the divorce paperwork you need, nothing more, nothing less. LegalZoom prepares every single form provided by the court, whether you need it or not, even if it ends up complicating your case unnecessarily. We routinely fix and finish cases started with online divorce sites. Filing the initial petition is easy; wrapping up the case is not.

We Go To Court and File Your Divorce Documents

We go to court personally to file your case, and every document related to your case throughout the life of your divorce. LegalZoom mails you the package, and then you have to go to court yourself and stand in line.

We Meet You In Person To Offer Divorce Help

We can meet you in person and discuss your divorce case. We don’t believe in the cookie cutter approach. When you do things online, often you get the impression you are just another (credit card) number.

We Offer Affordable Divorce Services

We understand that you might be on a tight budget when filing for divorce, and we can work with you on a payment plan. Online sites demand the payment upfront, before they do anything.
Document People is a network of independently owned stores that share a common purpose: helping customers represent themselves. We are looking forward to offering you divorce help. We serve Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego County.
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