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When assisting with a trademark filing at The Document People Los Angeles/We the People Santa Monica or filing a trademark at The Document People Los Angeles /We the People Woodland Hills, we are often asked a couple of questions: “What’s the difference between the TM symbol and the R logo?” And “When will my mark be protected?”
Let’s go in order, the TM symbol next to a name or logo indicates that a petition for trademark has been initiated. The moment the petition is received by the Trademark Commission, the name or logo you are trying to protect can be associated with the TM letters.
However, only after the petition has been fully approved and published in the Official Gazette, the name and logo can proudly carry the “R” symbol, to signify that it has been registered and approved.
The process takes a few months (about three months to have your case assigned to a trademark attorney to begin with), but the good news is that your brand will be protected from the date of the filing, so you won’t have to spend months wondering if anyone will start using your name or a deceivingly similar one in the same field you operate.
The Trademark protection is good for 10 years and can be easily renewed for subsequent 10 years periods by paying an additional filing fee.
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