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With the tax season deadline of April 15th quickly approaching, it’s time to look for a tax preparation service you can trust to file your personal or small business’ tax returns.
Finding a good tax preparation service is like going to the mechanic; it’s hard to gauge the person’s abilities, not knowing too much about the matter at hand. So that’s when you turn to friends and family to find that one person you can trust, and rely for a long time.
We are proud to refer our customers and friends to Aida Torres, who has been running The Document People of Anaheim for a few years now. Apart from being a genuinely good person, she is knowledgeable and trustworthy, plus, her fees are incredibly reasonable, even more affordable – prices start at only $40 – then big national tax preparation franchises like H&R Block!
Call her today to schedule an appointment at The Document People in Anaheim (714) 772.0449. The sooner the better so you won’t have to file a filing extension and you’ll be able to get your refund in the mail before you know it.
The Document People is a network of legal document assistants, paralegals and notaries. In selected locations we offer tax services and tax preparation.
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