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Today we go over the options regarding Spousal support in California when handling a divorce case.
In a divorce case the parties are given three options regarding spousal support in California. Petitioner and respondent may either decide to request an amount, they may reserve spousal support, or they can also choose to terminate spousal support.
When requesting the court to issue Spousal support in California to one of the spouses, the parties may either come into a written agreement about an amount or if they cannot agree to an amount, they can request the judge to calculate it for them based on their incomes.
When the parties agree that they are self-supporting and they do not want to ask the court to issue any spousal support they have the choice either to reserve it or terminate it. If the parties are not requesting spousal support but would like to keep their options open for a later determination, they can decide to keep spousal support “Reserved.”
On the other hand, if both parties agree that they want spousal support to be forever closed they can ask the court to terminate Spousal support in California. In this case only an order from the court can reopen the case and change spousal support. The party who is asking for it, needs to be able to convince the judge that the situation has changed enough to have an impact on the past order.
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