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What Is a Small Claims Action?

A small claims action or suit is a way for individuals and businesses to seek payment or restitution from another party. This is usually because one party (the plaintiff) believes another party (the defendant) has failed to meet the terms of a contract or wronged them in some way. Small claims disputes are generally considered minor enough that they do not require the use of attorneys or the expenses of a full civil trial.

Because of their reduced size and scope, small claims courts tend to focus on smaller contractual and service disputes as well as disagreements between individuals. Also, all states limit the amount of monetary damages one may recover from a small claims action.

In California, this limit is $10,000 as of February, 2013. If you are suing someone through a small claims court, you will be assigned a hearing date by the court. On that date, you and the party you are suing will each be given a chance to tell your sides of the story. You should bring any evidence you have, such as service records and photographs, with you to present to the judge.

After both sides have made their case, the judge will make a determination.

Be Ready for Your Small Claims Suit

Although much faster and simpler than a full civil trial, you still must put together and properly submit all court documentation for your claim to go forward. We can assist you by preparing all the documentation you need and submitting it to the court so you can focus on winning your claim.

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