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What Is Copyright?

Are you the author of a novel, screenplay, or poem? Have you ever composed music, created a business proposition, or designed a computer program or other creative work? If so, you may want to protect your intellectual property by registering it with the United States Copyright Office.

Copyright protection automatically applies to any original media you create. It grants you the exclusive right to determine how other people or organizations can use or distribute your work, and lets you get credit for or profit from your material. It also prevents others from claiming ownership of your work or using it for financial gain without your permission.

Registering your copyright creates a legal record that guards these rights in court and elsewhere.

The Importance of Registering Your Copyright

If someone plagiarizes, steals, or pirates your work, you may have several legal options including filing a claim in court. Without a registered copyright, however, it can very difficult to prove in court that you are the original author of your material. This can lead to the loss of many of your rights, limit the amount of damages you may receive, or even cost you your claim.

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The Document People Can Help You Register Your Copyright

We can prepare all the necessary documentation and file it for you with the United States Copyright Office to ensure maximum protection of your work.

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