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Divorce 101. A series of occasional blogs about divorcing in California. Part 10. Modifications of Child support

In our previous blog, we addressed the sometimes sticky issue of child support. Today we take a look at how said support can be modified at any time, whether in agreement by the couple or by request of a spouse, and with a court hearing.
A dramatic change in income for one of the spouses is only one of the reasons that might lead to revisit child support payments. The parties can agree in writing to the changed amount (it’s called a “Stipulation and Order”) or can file a motion with the court (typically when the attempts of one spouse to convince the other of the need for a change have failed, and the court makes the decision based on the evidence presented, that’s called an “Order to Show Cause” or “Notice of Motion”). Both Stipulation and Orders and Order to Show Causes are offered at the locations of The Document People (now part of We The People) in Woodland Hills, The Document People (now part of We The People) Santa Monica, and the locations of The Document People in San Fernando, Torrance, Anaheim and Oceanside.
Child support is taken very seriously in California, and a series of consequences will face the parent who does not pay child support or is significantly late; wages or tax refunds can be attached, and even his or her driver’s license can be taken.
The Document People is a network of legal document assistants with a common purpose: helping customers with uncontested divorces. We are looking forward to offering you stipulation and orders, child support modifications in our offices in We The People Woodland Hills, We The People Santa Monica, San Fernando, Torrance, Anaheim and Oceanside.
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