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Missing spouse divorces in California.

An alternate way of serving your spouse.

We tackled missing spouse divorces in California on this blog before. After proving that a serious effort has been put into finding the missing spouse, the petition can ask the court to publish the petition in a local newspaper and proceed with the case that way.
A different way of completing the case is now allowed by the court for those filers who cannot afford the filing fee and ask the court to waive the hefty $435 filing fee to open a divorce case.
The low income petitioner may now request to do posting instead of publishing. Posting is a method of process serving only if there is a missing spouse divorce and the petitioner cannot afford to serve by publication. A fee waiver must have been filed and approved by the Judge prior to requesting service by posting and an approved copy of your fee waiver must accompany your application for order for posting.
Once your order has been granted, someone over the age of 18 must post a copy of your order with the court for 28 days. A copy of the documents posted must also be mailed to the respondent’s last known address. The person who posts and mails the documents must complete a proof of service by posting. The Request to Enter Default and finals for divorce may be filed on the 59th day after the first day of posting.
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Missing Spouse Divorce

Missing Spouse Divorce