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We continue the series about the people behind The Document People with the store in Woodland Hills.
The Woodland Hills location of The Document People has a long history in that city. The story begins one summer day back in 1996 when the old We the People franchise opened a store on Clarendon St.
It was then purchased by Bob Cotto in 1998, and moved to the current location on 21904 Ventura Blvd. that same September. Bob and his wife Joanne at some point owned 5 stores, including the one in Santa Monica, also part of We the People at the time specializing in legal document preparation service, divorce, living trust, and other personal and business services.
It continued to operate as We the People and was purchased by Arkady Portnoy when Bob Cotto retired back in 2006. Arkady then sold it to Paolo Rubino in June 2008, who is the current owner.
Those were the days when, after filling out our questionnaires, legal document preparation service was executed by the We the People processing center. As convenient as the process was for the staff of We the People Woodland Hills, Paolo started realizing that in today’s world, efficiency and speed are a fact of life, and waiting 48 hours for a simple power of attorney was no longer feasible.
Along with Petra Castillo from We the People Santa Monica, Paolo founded The Document People in March of 2009, allowing both stores to modernize the legal document preparation service and delivery of those legal documents. More services became available that were no longer offered by the franchise such as evictions, homesteads, and irrevocable trust, others were offered at the same price but through an attorney like living trusts and amendments. This allowed The Document People to truly take it up a notch or two when it comes to estate planning in Woodland Hills.
Paolo has a passion for incorporating small businesses and guiding new entrepreneurs through the first steps of opening a business. He is also the go to person for living trusts and deeds. He is bilingual (Italian is his first language), and always practicing on his Spanish. He is a Legal Document Assistant and notary public.
Paolo is lucky to have found two dedicated young ladies to help him with the everyday life and legal document preparation service at The Document People in Woodland Hills. Judy joined the team in May of 2009, after years spent as a legal secretary in a prestigious law firm. If you need a probate, have a family law matter to handle, or you are dealing with an eviction she’ll probably be the one taking care of you. Judy is a notary and a paralegal and is also bilingual in Spanish.
Andrea joined the team in June of 2012, coming from the old We the People San Fernando, which is now The Document People. If you are contemplating a divorce or a bankruptcy, you’ll probably talk to her. Andrea is also a notary public and is bilingual in Spanish.
The Document People is a network of legal document assistants who share a common purpose: helping customers with legal documents. Whether opening a business in Los Angeles, drafting a Living Trust in Reseda, or filing an uncontested divorce in Van Nuys court, The Document People-We the People Woodland Hills is the go to place.
The Document People is a network of legal document assistants who share a common purpose: helping customers with preparation and filing of legal documents in Woodland Hills. We are looking forward to offering you divorce assistance and family law filings in Woodland Hills. We can help with your living trusts and wills at the We the People office Woodland Hills, We The people office Santa Monica and We the People office Glendale. Also in Torrance, Anaheim and Oceanside as The Document People.

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