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At the beginning of the year, when we announced the new notary language required in California, we knew the change will cause headaches. With so many forms available online it was going to be an easy prediction imagining many people showing up with forms that were not up-to-date.
So we thought about ordering a stamp with the new language to keep handy. Recently we found out that – although perfectly legible and reproducible – the Los Angeles County Recorder is not accepting documents that do not originally have the new language printed on them. So using the stamp will result in a rejection. For deeds, quitclaim deeds, a deed of trust etc. that were not originally typed with the new notary language, attaching a new California acknowledgment is the only way to go. Luckily at The Document People, we make it easy to get the updated legal documents that you need. Our legal document assistants work hard to make sure you have the easiest and pain free experience when preparing your legal documents.
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