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Our Los Angeles customers have been receiving notices like this one recently (we whited out the information about the property). It seems that there are a few companies out there that send people who record deeds (quitclaim deeds, interspousal deeds, deed of trust, basically anything that is public record) notices that look official, requiring the payment of hefty fees. While technically it’s a solicitation, the appearance and the due date make it seems official and can be misleading, and it sure creates a lot of phone calls for us!
All you’ll get in return is something you’ll get anyway: a copy of the recorded quitclaim deed. Keep in mind that The Document People will mail you a confirmed copy as soon as we get one (typically, we go in person, so we can obtain a copy on the spot), plus the County Recorder in Norwark mails out the original after a few weeks (after reviewing it). So there is no need to spend $83 to obtain a copy of the quitclaim deed you already have received twice.
The Document People is a network of legal document assistants with a common purpose: helping customers with real estate deeds. We are looking forward to offering you quitclaim deeds, Interspousal deeds, mechanic liens, deed of trusts in our offices in Woodland Hills (now part of We the People), Santa Monica (now part of We the People), San Fernando, Torrance, Anaheim and Oceanside.
The information contained in this blog – including information of a legal nature – is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.
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