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Are you thinking of opening a California Corporation or LLC, and you are not in a rush? You might want to file with a future date. Anything filed by the Secretary of State on or after December 17, 2013 (from Dec. 17, to Dec. 31st, 2013) will be considered a 2014 filing and will NOT be subject to 2013 taxes. That’s a savings of at least $800 (LLC won’t have to pay the $800 for 2013, and Corporations will be exempted throughout 2014).
Send us your 2014 California LLC or Corporation filings ahead of time, so you won’t have to deal with the inevitable long waits that we have been experiencing in the last few years. The State will review and hold the name of the company until the specified future file date.
Document People is a network of independently owned stores that share a common purpose: helping customers represent themselves. We are looking forward to offering assistance filing for a California Corporation or LLC. We serve Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego County.
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