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After posting the previous five examples of why we are a better alternative to Legalzoom, a customer suggested other ones we left out! So we included them in this post.
Confused about what’s best for your San Fernando Valley business; LLC or Corporation? We have expedite access to local CPAs who can consult you and advise you for free. Ready to get started with your new entity? We’ll have the articles in the hands of the California Secretary of State next day! * LegalZoom is considerably slower than us.
Ready to protect your name and logo with a Trademark? We prepare your initial petition and follow your case until the end. It’s very common for the trademark commission to have follow up questions, asking for tweaks to the application, or requesting clarifications. We take care of your trademark filing for a low flat fee. LegalZoom prepares the application and gives you a good luck pat on your shoulder, and the rest is up to you!
Our Living Trusts include notary; LegalZoom mails you the trust, and then you have to find a notary and spend another $60-$100 to execute it.
In need of filing a Bankruptcy? We can assist you in preparing the petition and give you all the information you need about the process for $199 (in Los Angeles County). LegalZoom makes you fill out a questionnaire, and refers you to a lawyer.
Want to make sure the name of your new LLC or Corporation is approved? Ask us, we can check for free and help you in tweaking the name, if necessary, to make sure it’s approved at the first try. We had a customer in our Woodland Hills office who incorporated in a rush online, gave three names that had no chance of getting approved, got them all rejected, and lost $500+. We took care of him the right way.
* Actual filing time varies depending on the time of the year, but it’s always days if not weeks faster than LegalZoom
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