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Bad news for legal document assistants, newspapers and services that prepare and file fictitious business names in Los Angeles County. According to a letter signed by Portia Sanders from the County Recorder, starting February 18th, 2013 fictitious business name statements presented for filing at the district offices (the central office in Norwalk has implemented the same policy since 2011) will require the registrant to be present in order to complete the filing service. Walk in customers, such as courier, solicitors and newspaper employees who present fictitious business name statements on behalf of others will now be required to utilize the drop-off service. Filings will then need to be picked up a whopping SEVEN business days later.

What took five minutes will take more than a week! This will obviously have an impact on business customers who are in a rush to open bank accounts and deal with their clients. They’ll now have to go in person instead of hiring a professional to take care of the filing.