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A lot of the paperwork we prepare needs to be filed in courts, county recorders, trademark commissions, etc. and by nature it’s of public record. That’s great on one hand (think at the practicality of checking online whether your corporation is late with filings, or being able to verify the ownership of a certain real estate property), but on the other, it leaves the door open to unscrupulous people to try to scam the public. We posted samples of letters our customers have received in previous posts (see the July 25th post about corporations, or the one on June 25th about deeds).
Today we warn you about the possibility of receiving a letter identical or similar to this one, shortly after Filing a Trademark.
If you notice, the deceptive elements are quite similar to the ones in previous posts: in this case an official sounding name like “Compliance Service Department”, aptly located in Washington D.C., a bar code, the “Now Due” processing fee of $475, the year 2013 with the first two digits hollow, reminiscent of a tax form.
Don’t fall for these letters. If you receive one and are unsure, contact your local The Document People store. Better yet, fax it to us or take a picture with your smart phone and e-mail it to us. We will assist you right away.
The Document People is a network of legal document assistants with a common purpose: assisting customers with Trademark filing services. For a flat fee of $299 we not only prepare the petition, but we follow your case until you are approved and your trademark gets filed in the official gazette. We are simply the best option when it comes to filing a Trademark in Los Angeles. We can assist you in our offices in We the People Woodland Hills, We the People Santa Monica, San Fernando, Glendale, Torrance, Anaheim and Oceanside.
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