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We wrap up our three parts series on Trademarks (we know, we can hear you sobbing, but all good things eventually come to an end) by addressing specimen and intent of use…

What’s a “specimen”? When Filing For a Trademark

A specimen is the proof that a certain product or service is in use at the time of filing the application.
Examples of specimens for goods are tags, labels, instruction manuals, containers, photographs that show the mark on the actual goods or packaging, or displays associated with the actual goods at their point of sale. Examples of specimens for services are signs, photographs, brochures, website printouts or advertisements that show the mark used in the actual sale or advertising of the services.

Intent of Use When Filing For a Trademark

What if the product you want to protect with a trademark is not ready for manufacturing? Don’t worry; we can assist you with what’s called an “intent of use” petition. In that case you declare to the Trademark Commission that you are planning to produce a certain good or provide a certain service, and that you’ll submit the proof of it at a future date. There are however disadvantages in doing so. After filing for a trademark in Woodland Hills or in Southern California it is important to remember need to renew the application every six months, and pay $100 each time. Also, if you forget to do it, the USPTO will abandon the application.
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