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Divorce 101. A series of occasional blogs about divorcing in California.Part 6. A look at the Summons When Filing for divorce in Los Angeles

In today’s blog we talk about an often ignored form that is part of the documents needed to file for divorce in Los Angeles County. Maybe it’s not as regarded as the petition because the summons doesn’t require signatures, or because it’s a series of disclaimers that are common for everything filed in the family law department of the court.
The summons lists a series of actions that spouses can no longer do as a consequence of the filing of the petition for divorce. The summons sets automatic restraining orders on the spouses. Also, at this point, the spouses are not permitted to take children out of state, sell any property, borrow against property, or borrow or sell insurance held for the other spouse.
Once filed, the summons needs to be served on the respondent, just like the rest of the initial paperwork.
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