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It looks like our friends of The Document People Woodland Hills got carried away a little with the new “It’s time” Living Trust campaign. Check out their new light box! The baby in the picture symbolizes the need to protect a person’s family and estate from probate, the expensive and tedious process that children and spouses could be forced to go through in case of the death of a property owner.
Did you know that a living trust not only protects against probate, in ways that a will can’t; but also allows parents to nominate a custodian and a guardian for the minor children?
A custodian is the person who administers the estate for a minor upon the passing of the trustee of a trust. He/she can make investments (usually not speculative), to ensure that the biggest possible inheritance is received upon reaching the legal age (or whichever age the settlors set as appropriate to receive inheritance).
A guardian is the person who makes legal decisions for the minor, in the absence of the parents.
Unlike online only services – what we like to call Legaldoom® – we include the notary in our flat fee estate planning. Unlike online only services, an attorney prepares all of our trusts – not just reviews them; he actually prepares them. That’s why we are able to accommodate even the most intricate wish, gifts list or burial ceremony – we don’t believe in cookie-cutter estate planning.
Our living trust packages include living trust, pour over will, financial power of attorney, medical directive, and notary. If you own a real estate, we take care of the funding of your real estate with a quitclaim deed for a small additional fee. The Document People will help you with all your legal document needs, no matter if it’s a living trust or a divorce, in Woodland Hills or Santa Maria, Santa Monica in any one of our locations all over southern California.
The Document People is a network of independent legal document assistants. In all locations Living Trust packages are offered for a flat fee. Visit our stores in Los Angeles County (Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, San Fernando, Van Nuys, Glendale,), Orange County (Anaheim, Irvine) San Diego County (Oceanside) and the Central Coast, as “The Justice People”, covering the Nipomo, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo areas.
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