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Our readers and customers already know that The Document People stores provide a better service than any online sites – including our friends at “Legaldoom”.
Few services allow an “Us vs. Them” comparison better than Real Estate Deeds:
On one side LegalZoom, where once you get the paperwork to transfer your property, and still have to take it to a public notary, and then figure out how to file it (plus pay for the filing fee, which is not included).
On the other side The Document People. We not only prepare all the paperwork, including the proper exemptions and preliminary change of ownership reports, but we also take care of the notary and the filing of the deed.
Since The Document People service is way better to begin with, one would expect us to be the one more expensive, right?
Wrong! LegalZoom offers deeds for a starting price of $249 + notary and filing fees. The Document People offers deeds for a total of $169, which include the filing fee, notary and drop off in person of deeds (for Los Angeles County).
So, the moral of the story is… you guess it: Someone has to pay for all those commercials! The Document People is a less expensive service then Legal Zoom.
The Document People is a network of independent legal document assistants. In all locations we offer quitclaim deeds, transfer deeds and interposal deeds. Visit our stores in Los Angeles County (Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, San Fernando, Marina del Rey, Van Nuys, Glendale), Orange County (Anaheim, Irvine) San Diego County (Oceanside) and soon Ventura County.
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