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Divorce 101. A series of occasional blogs about divorcing in California. Part 8. Minor Children and the Parenting Plan

After addressing the physical and legal custody of minor children in a divorce in past blogs, today we tackle the issue of the parenting plan in a divorce in Los Angeles.
Just to give you an idea of the information that the court will require when minor children are involved, we are providing a link to the children questionnaire we give to our divorcing couples who have minor children

Visitation Rights in a Divorce

We often tell couples with minor children going through a divorce in Los Angeles that, if there is a silver lining in a divorce, is that the court will accept any agreements between the spouses – without interfering or making determinations as to its fairness or any other issue.
Because of that, couples can choose a very detailed parenting plan, listing which parent the minors will be spending time with on every major holiday, school break, birthday, etc., or not having a parenting plan at all, leaving it pretty much open to the couple to decide on a case by case situation how the holidays will be arranged.
The Parenting Plan can be very detailed, and include provisions about what time the custody of one parent starts and ends during the weekend, how many days a parent needs to notify the other one in case of trips or vacations, the total maximum length per year of a trip, who shall the minor children spend Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, the parents’ birthdays, father and mother’s day, and every major religious holiday and school breaks throughout the year with.
We noticed at the We the People location of Woodland Hills that the more amicable the spouses are in separating, the less detailed the parenting plan is. Same goes when it comes to the age of the minors; the older the minors are, the less detailed the parenting plan is. I guess at some point it’s hard to tell a teenager who to spend weekends with!
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