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We are often asked by our customers about their corporate number. They might be filling out applications or tax documents, and sometimes they confuse it with the tax ID number. Today, we explain the difference between a tax ID number and corporate number.
The corporate number is the number that the Secretary of State assigns to every new entity, whether a corporation or LLC when the articles of corporation or organization are approved. Once that happens the incorporator or a legitimate representative of the entity can apply with the IRS to obtain a tax ID number, which is needed to open bank accounts, etc. We like to tell our incorporators that the tax ID number is the Social Security number of the company. Tax IDs have a two digit number, followed by another seven digit number (ex. 46-1234567).
California Corporations have a seven digit corporate number that is typically following the letter “C”, ex. C0123456, while LLCs have a corporate number composed of 12 digits, which begins with the four digits of the year of incorporation, ex. 201400123456.
In the picture, two examples of corporate numbers, one for a California Corporation (left), and one for a California LLC (right).
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