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Avoid 2016 taxes and call The Document People to dissolve your California Limited Liability Company now.

If you are an entrepreneur, you know first-hand that not all deals go through. You might have incorporated a California Limited Liability Company in anticipation of an escrow closing soon – and that didn’t happen. Or you might have seen a business opportunity with a new partner that never actually materialized. There is no need to leave that Corporation or LLC active, and pay taxes next year.
Even if you think that you’ll might be able to “recycle” it, the yearly taxes in California might be higher than the cost to dissolve it and open a new one when the right deal or investment comes around.
Because we use a courier for all our filings, we can guarantee you that your corporation or LLC will be dissolved or cancelled by the end of the year (cut off time is December 29th at 5 p.m.) for an all-inclusive, very reasonable flat fee.
All The Document People stores offer California incorporating services and California corporate dissolutions and cancellations. Visit our stores in Los Angeles County (Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, San Fernando, Marina Del Rey, Van Nuys, and Glendale), Orange County (Anaheim, Irvine) San Diego County (Oceanside) and soon Ventura County (Oxnard).
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