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Journalist Jeff Nguyen contacted the Woodland Hills office at the end of April, wanting to do a piece on the importance of having a Living Trust since Prince passed away without even a Will. This baffled many lawyers because of the amount of wealth he accumulated during his music career.
The CBS crew came over with all their equipment and cameras, and then the interview began. They interviewed Paolo Rubino from The Document People of Woodland Hills and one of his clients, Mark Cummins, asking questions about how to get a will or living trust, the cost, and the advantages of having living trusts drafted by The Document People, versus online options.
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Mark Cummins, a CPA, decided to get a Living Trust after he saw what his clients were going through financially when they didn’t have a Living Will or Trust. He realized he would save so much time and money down the line by protecting his assets now.
Getting a Living Trust or a Will can be an expensive and tiring process, but The Document People, at all of its 10 locations, can make the process affordable and painless.
You can check out the video here!
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