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Business Identity Theft in Los Angeles. Part 3 of 3

How you can prevent Business Identity Theft in Los Angeles Schemes?

Business Identity Theft Part 3

Business Identity Theft Part 3

1. Update your business filings as soon as any of your business contact information changes. Remember, for corporations, the statement of information is due every year, at the anniversary of the incorporation, regardless on whether there have been changes in the officers or addresses. You should immediately notify your local law enforcement authorities of any unauthorized changes and update your Secretary of State business filings with the correct information. The Document People in Woodland Hills regularly notifies customers of their deadlines either by e-mail or text. In case of a fraudulent filing, ask us to assist you to get a certified copy of the fraudulent filing before updating your filings with the Secretary of State’s office. The certified copy of the wrong filing may be used as evidence in court.
2. Monitor your business’ credit profile regularly: there are several companies that can assist you with that (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion among others).
3. Inquire with your local insurance company about obtaining business insurance coverage that covers any potential Business Identity Theft in Los Angeles losses.
4. Protect your sensitive company information as carefully as your sensitive personal information: this includes securing paper and electronic documents in locked cabinets and password protected files, establishing company data security policies and limiting employee access to sensitive company and client information and assets. Other ones are more common sense precautions than anything: Not transmitting sensitive information, such as bank account information, via email or public websites, shredding or destroying business records before putting them in the recycling bin, using privacy screens with smart phones, personal information devices, notebooks, notepads, and laptops when accessing sensitive information while traveling, not including sensitive personal or business information in public filings.
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