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On January 1st, 2014, the County Recorder of Los Angeles has started implementing new rules when filing fictitious business names. For any Woodland Hills DBA filing (whether new, original or a refile), the business owner will now have to submit an affidavit of identity, swearing to be the same person on the form.
It gets trickier for third party filers (like newspapers or couriers), because in those cases (when submitted by mail) the business owner will have to have that same affidavit notarized, plus, the third party will also have to submit a separate affidavit swearing (at least this one doesn’t need a notary) to be a representative of the business owner.
This will obviously have some impact on those catering to business filings, but also unnecessarily add costs to filers who don’t have the time or live too far to personally appear in front of the clerk when filing for a fictitious business name in Woodland Hills.
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