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Real life examples of LegalDoom, # 3

Today we wrap up the three parts series on real life examples of online inefficiencies that one of our customers encountered recently, before finding out about our Incorporating and Fictitious Business Name filing services.
This one needs a short set up: recently the County Recorder (see our post on January 7th) has introduced a new rule when filing a new Fictitious Business Name in Los Angeles County (The same goes for Orange County and San Diego County). When using a third party service (like The Document People, or one of those solicitors working for newspapers who work outside each local branch of the County Recorder), the registrant is now required to notarize his or her signature.
So a young customer came in with the form filled out by LegalZoom, asking for a notary. Small talk leads to a conversation and we found out that the process when filing a DBA with LegalZoom goes like this:
Step 1. Pay (of course that’s always the first step);
Step 2. Print out the form they e-mail you (at least we hope it was e-mailed, we know they mail their trusts);
Step 3. Go find a notary to notarize your signature;
Step 4. Mail them the form with your notarized signature;
Step 5. Wait until they mail the form to the county recorder;
Step 6. Wait until the county recorder mails them back the recorded filed form;
Step 7. Wait until LegalZoom finally mails you back the filed form.
Who knows how many days the whole process takes? We told him we could do it next day for the same price. He called to ask a refund (luckily they agreed to refund him the money), and the next day we gave him the filed form and he was able to open a business account right away.
One more example of why we are the best option to file Fictitious Business Names in Los Angeles County.
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