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We hear horror stories about contested divorces all the time…
For the record, the most we ever charged for a divorce is $599… That’s because we don’t charge by the hour. Our customers simply fill out a questionnaire, and we prepare all the documents from beginning to end, for a flat fee.
When it comes to divorcing, there is no better way than letting The Document People handle your Los Angeles divorce filing.
All locations are staffed with legal document assistants and paralegals with years of experience, ready to help you.
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The Document People is a network of independently owned stores that share a common purpose: helping customers filing their divorce or legal separation without an attorney, by representing themselves. We are looking forward to providing you divorce assistance in Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, The San Fernando Valley, Torrance, Orange County and San Diego County.
Divorce is never easy, but if you are ready to file an uncontested divorce, you should count on professional help. We specialize in California divorces and legal separation. Over the years thousands of customers have successfully filed uncontested divorces without representation.