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The great majority of our divorce customers are in agreement on all major issues. It’s not unusual to have both spouses come over to start an Uncontested Divorce in Los Angeles. That’s really the best case scenario. Stress is minimal and negative feelings are kept at bay.
However, it happens that couples are not in agreement on some issues like spousal support, or the splitting of real estate properties, or even child custody. Rather than hiring attorneys and spending a considerable chunk of money, couples in such a situation have the ability to take advantage of the mediation process, whether a court appointed mediator or provided by a private mediator.
Keep in mind that, although the court mediators are free (well, they come included in the $435 filing fee), they only handle matters where minors are involved, and they tend to make recommendations about child custody and visitation.
So if your sticking point is financial, that option is not available. Both the Santa Monica location of The Document People/We the People, and the Woodland Hills office of The Document People/We the People work with CPAs who offer mediations. They can meet with the couple, listen to their issues, and advise them.
Once the agreement is reached, the mediator lists a series of bullet point decisions that are incorporated in the Marital Settlement Agreement drafted by The Document People of Santa Monica or Woodland Hills.
The Document People is a network of legal document assistants who specializes in assisting customers with uncontested divorce in Los Angeles. We offer inexpensive divorce services in We the People Woodland Hills, We the People Santa Monica, San Fernando, We the People Glendale and The Document People Torrance, Anaheim and Oceanside.
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